Foster Janitorial provides supreme Burnaby Office Cleaning Services that are essential for your business. Whether you manage a small scale company or a huge enterprise, you know how important having a neat environment and a fresh appearance is. If you want to hire a team of specialized cleaning and maintenance experts to de-clutter your office, sanitize your bathrooms, sweep and mop your hallways and create a clean, safe and comfortable work environment, all you have to do is call.

We are an experienced and professional Burnaby Office Cleaning business that can help you clean up your company headquarters so you can achieve a fresher look, make your team work more efficiently, retain your clients and make the most out of any business meeting. We have an eye for detail and a concern for making your company prosperous by eliminating any kind of waste, clutter or bacteria. Dust, trash, fungus, odors, spillages, clutter, all of these won’t be your problems anymore. We will deal with everything that stands in the way of your focus and business.

Having worked for all kinds of domestic and commercial customers, we can promise you non-disruptive cleaning solutions and services proven to deliver dramatic efficiency. Our company uses sustainable cleaning processes and methods, which combined with specific training, leads to the prevention of infection spread, staff absence, overheating risks or disease outbursts.

Our Burnaby Office Cleaning specialists are polite, professional, punctual and prompt. To ensure they work to the best of their abilities, they constantly consult the company cleaning checklist.

Here is our brief list of Burnaby Office Cleaning Services your business can benefit from:

  • dusting;
  • window cleaning;
  • cleaning of IT equipment;
  • recycling initiation;
  • floor sweeping and mopping;
  • door handle sanitization;
  • trash bag replacement;
  • waste management;
  • bathroom cleaning and sanitization (lavatory cleaning, mopping, toilet paper replacement, soap dispenser refilling, trash elimination);
  • break room cleaning (waste disposal, coffee and other appliances cleaning, cabinet, countertop and microwave cleaning, paper towel replacement, etc.)


Foster Janitorial is your go-to office cleaning company. For questions or to talk to a representative, please call 250-717-7979 or e-mail us at